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Website management and virtual redaction

Order We are not an ordinary internet agency. We care about our clients; we are interested in their success. Our company offers a wide range of additional services that can help with the development of your project. We offer website management in accordance with your individual requirements and create a virtual redaction for internet magazines. Do you want to help with the running of your project? Our broad team is available to help you anytime.

Virtual redaction

We have experience in building online magazines, especially in WordPress. We are able to create a magazine and also to ensure its long-term management and development.

Supply of Articles

We select and train editors who write the quality and readable articles. We will process interviews, prepare reports and topics.

Correction of Articles

The content of article or interview may be great, but with imperfect stylistics or grammar readers lose interest. Use our proofreaders.

Replenishment of websites

We offer a broad team of specialists who understand many content management systems. We are able to replenish your website with data and products and manage them in the long term.

Product description

Label of the product or service is not just a necessary evil. It is a text that sells and should captivate. Try our specialists in this area.

Another long-term supply

We try to meet our clients’ requirements and establish long-term cooperation. Do you have a specific inquiry? Does not matter!

For whom are these services appropriate?

For magazines

Are you running a magazine, or are you just establishing it? We are able to design graphics, technical solutions, train your editors and create a functioning redaction.

For electronic shops

Even a small e-shop requires constant development. Leave some activities for us. We will write sales copy, insert the products and make the entire operation easier.

For corporate blogs

Communication with clients is the key to success. Business blog is an excellent communication channel which has to be taken care of. Let our editors do it.

Pro portfolio websites

Can you barely manage your projects? Do they have to be regularly updated, their function checked and new content added? We are happy to help you with those activities..

How much does it all cost and how does it work?

Website management and creation of virtual newsroom are individual activities which are always unique. Every magazine or e-shop requires a specific form of cooperation, different level of the cooperation intensity and there are dozens of other variables that affect the entire order. Contact our client support where we find out your exact requirements, and create a plan tailored to your needs.

How does our newsroom look?

Editors are divided into several teams according to their expertise.

Every editor is specialized in a certain topic, in which he has the greatest knowledge, experience and practice.

Editors are trained to create compelling articles

Editors are continuously trained, their work improved and thoroughly checked before handing to the client.

Editors come from foreign sources and from their own experience

We select only editors specialized in particular niche. For example, they worked in the field about which they write.

Editors cooperate with linguistic proofreaders.

Before publishing all articles are proofreaded. Our editors continuously cooperate with proofreaders.

Editors can test products you send us, write reports etc.

When agreed, editors may test the products you send us, or they can for example participate in some event, and so on.

What are you most interested in?

  1. Can you deliver texts for my site in the long term? More

    We have been assembling a team of experienced editors, writers and copywriters since 2012. We are able to process articles, product descriptions, sales texts for websites or press releases. Whenever content is concerned, it is our specialty. We supply the content for dozens of projects in the long term. It only depends on you how much you want us to work, whether you want to think of your topics or leave it to us. Everything can be arranged individually with our client support.

  2. Can I order a larger quantity of text at a time? More

    We are able to process even large-scale orders. Whether there are dozens or hundreds of articles, even hundreds of standard pages of text. Depending on the expertise of content and specific order, we will set the price and delivery date

  3. I have no ideas for new articles, can you think of them yourselves? More

    We gladly select one or more workers from our team, who will think of new topics and send it to you for approval. This is a standard service that we perform for blogs and magazines. We can propose articles every month or quarterly. Contracts, where we create a plan with several dozen articles subsequently processed for a few months or a whole year, are no exception.

  4. Can your editors move within my administration interface? More

    Our editors can work with many editorial systems and have no problem to learn how to work even with custom tailored systems. If you require publication of your articles by our editors, it depends on the individual agreement.

  5. Can I thoroughly comment on articles? More

    We count on that. Each article can be subjected to your thorough inquiry and the editor will subsequently incorporate your ideas or comments.

  6. Can editors complement articles with photographs and images? More

    Yes, we offer this service as well. It depends on the specific demand. We recommend to your clients to purchase tens or hundreds of photos from the photo library, which in turn can be used by our copywriter for your articles.

  7. Can editors write in a foreign language? More

    Writing in a foreign language is a specific service which always depends on the specific demand and its complexity. In our team we have several editors who can write in English, German, French and other languages.

    Find out more here

  8. Can editors base their text on print and other "offline" sources? More

    We strive to ensure that our articles are of high quality and beneficial to the reader. If possible, our editors base their texts on the quality internet sources, academic papers, foreign sources or printed materials. Resources are then cited in articles. The precise entitlements to articles can be arranged with our client support before commencing work.

  9. Can editors prepare sample article? More

    Yes. We are very happy to prepare for you a sample article with the exception of specific contracts with the need for long-term preparation of editor and searching for resources.

  10. Can editors incorporate into their texts keywords? More

    Our editors are trained in basic rules of search engine optimization. We are pleased to incorporate the keywords of your SEO analysis into your articles.