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Proofreading of texts


We will remove any language mistakes from your text.

from 6$ / for a standard page
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Proofreading of books
and e-books

We will fix any grammatical and stylistic errors in your books or e-books.

from 10$ / for a standard page
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Proofreading of foreign languages

We can provide proofreading in several languages.

Price depends on language
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Why choose our copywriters?

Our team consists of the best copywriting specialists.
We constantly test our proofreaders and verify the quality of their work.
We have proofread thousands of standard pages of many kinds and uses.
We provide demanding proofreading of specialized texts or materials for subsequent printing.
You will get the outcome in the shortest possible time.
Our correction is not only grammatical, but also stylistic and typographical.
Our customer support is there for you to speed up our cooperation.
We can work with many formats and outcome will be in any format that suits you.

How does the cooperation with our copywriters work?

  1. Please contact our customer support More

    The proofreading can be performed for many kinds of texts. Tell us where the text will be used and how quickly you need it done. If we know that you are in a hurry, we will try to speed up the implementation. You do not need to worry to send us the text directly for assessment and pricing. Our customer support works with all data conscientiously and uses them only to determine the best price for you. Our customer support will tell you the price of the proofreading and confirm you the commencement of work on your order.

  2. We commence proofreading More

    Our proofreaders check the grammar of texts and adjust stylistic deficiencies. If we evaluate the text as unsuitable for proofreading, we will offer you the copyediting or the creation of an entirely new text. Proofreading can be made directly in the provided documents, or possibly in the form of comments. If you want to get just the corrected text, please inform us. It is also possible to mark corrections. Execution only depends on your requirements.

  3. Submitting of proofreading and billing More

    Our customer support will give you the finished proofreading. If everything is acceptable, we will move on to the billing. An invoice will be sent to you electronically.