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Proofreading of foreign language texts

RequestOur proofreaders will help you not only with Czech but also with other languages. Our professional translators, native speakers and court certified translators will fix all grammatical and stylistic errors. Send us your text and we will send you the corrected one back in a few hours.

What foreign languages do we proofread?

from 10$

from 10$

from 10$

from 12$

from 15$

from 15$

from 15$

from 10$

from 15$

When don’t we proofread?

We do not perform proofreading for a very low quality of texts, such as those machine-translated or written by foreign author in the Czech language. Such texts can’t be just repaired, it is necessary to rewrite them entirely. With foreign language proofreading, each order is judged individually.

It the source text required?

Proofreading of foreign language is a specific discipline. It can be accessed in two ways. If you provide us with the source text + translated text, we will do grammatical, stylistic, and also the content proofreading. Our translator will check meaning in comparison with the source text. If you supply only the translation, the text is treated as original work.

Who is proofreading done by?

Professional translators

Native speakers

Court certified translators

Frequently asked questions?

  1. In what format can I send texts? More

    Our proofreaders are able to work with almost any text format. Most often we work with text files, such as doc., Docx. or odt. Of course proofreading can be done even for PDF documents, texts in format of JPG or gif image.

    When it comes to formats that are not editable, it is necessary to expect the greater demands for correction and individual calculation.

  2. How long does the proofreading of foreign language text take? More

    It depends on the type of text and its application. For technical articles, texts intended for publication in the print media or generally for printed materials, more demanding proofreading must be carried and suitable translator has to be found who would perform this proofreading. Every contract is assessed individually and we will send you a quote including delivery schedule before the work start.

  3. Will errors be marked, or not? More

    It depends on the preferences of the client. If you require marking of errors, we will highlight them. If not, we can give you the revised text intended for direct use. It is necessary to count with specific contracts, where a correction is carried out for example in the form of comments. In some cases, our proofreaders are forced to supplement the text with comments or questions.

  4. What is included in proofreading of foreign language? More

    A standard part of the proofreading is the grammatical and stylistic correction. If the client requires for example typographical correction, it is necessary to perform the additional calculation.

  5. How is the proofreading handed over to me? More

    Final proofreading is usually sent electronically to the clients e-mail used for ordering the service.