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Books and e-books proofreading

Correct my book For entrepreneurs today e-books are interesting means to propagate their brand, acquire a database of email addresses and promote their business. Books have always been and always will be a source of information that most of us want and still seeks. But both can be spoiled by errors perhaps unwittingly left behind by author. For this reason there are proofreaders, who are able to help and fix those errors so they won’t bother readers anymore. If you also have a book, e-book or anything else, please feel free to send it to us.

What are we able to fix?

Upcoming books before issuing

If you do not want readers of your book to be concerned, send text to our proofreaders and they will fix all linguistic errors.

Electronic books (e-books)

E-books are all the rage today, but many of them contain annoing language mistakes. We will help you with their disposal and maybe we propose further enhancements.

Handbooks, manuals and other documents

Any lengthy document, handbook, manual or anything else. Everything can be checked, corrected and sent back within a very short time.

Bachelor's and master's thesis

We would love to correct all grammatical and stylistic errors for all students in their school work.

Why is the price different from the classic proofreading?

When correcting the large quantities of texts, the likelihood of errors overlooked increases, and therefore we eliminate this risk by at least double-checking the text. This means that the proofreading will take more time and will be implemented by at least two independent proofreaders.