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We spread the awareness about WordPress!

Wordpress is a great content management system that we are very interested in and excited at the same time. And because the entire company fell in love with this system we have decided to spread more awareness about this open-source system in our country. That's why we have created a portal IWP.cz, where we offer basic information about this content management system, including links to various sites that deal with this comprehensive system and will help you with the development of your site.

Outside the full references we have narrowly specialized in Wordpress as such. We are already doing a lot of websites in Wordpress or helping customers with modifications of existing sites. If you have a project in WordPress and you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We help small and large clients all together. Web IWP runs on WordPress and includes our own adjustments, which we have created to suit exactly to our needs. Our copywriters take care of this project, give it a clear drive and move it forward.

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Modnia because we love fashion!

Modnia.cz is our long-term internet project, which offers its customers unrivaled and unique clothing. We want our customers to stand out from the gray of life and find themselves in a colorful world of fashion. Modnia allows its customers to embark on a new journey exploring and discovering new fashion collections, which are constantly replaced according to the current trends. When we create for clients other e-commerce shops, Modnia gives us a customer base and shows us what people want and how they behave during purchasing processes in the fashion industry.

Desire and diligence, that we are not afraid to develop our own e-shops, bring us new opportunities which competing firms do not use. So we have many opportunities for testing or trying out new graphics modifications. This is related to another parameter which is the immediate feedback that we receive from our customers. And because of this we know how customers behave on e-shops, and all these experiences we can fully utilize in our other projects. We strive to help to both sides. We just enjoy selling fashion and so we created our own project, named Modnia.

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We correct your texts!

Our next project is a small web KorekturaTextu.cz which serves to two separate purposes. On the one hand we offer very desirable and needed service, and on the other hand we are also trying there a little substandard concept of website. Of course, we continue to work on and gradually develop the project. We are very pleased that, thanks to this project, several clients noticed us and took advantage of our services. Some of them even liked the concept of the site so much that it inspired the creation of their custom pages.

Very nice domain name, that clearly defines one of our main services, was among the first corporate acquisition. We could not miss also its version with dash to be pretty complete. This site is the only one not running on WordPress, instead it is made in slightly non-standard way, which is more interesting and attracts new customers interested in proofreading, improving their texts and correcting the unwanted errors which often discourage readers.

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