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Design of infographics and interesting data processing

Order The world is full of data and various statistics, but few are able to process them in a rich and engaging way. Using infographics created by us, you can present data about your project, your company or anything else, in a way that intrigues your audience and compels them to share it on social networks. Infographics is a great way to promote your business brand, corporate positioning and transfer the information to readers in a clear and effective way. Would you like to try it?

What's infographics?

Infographics is usually a picture, which shows various statistics and data, for example, graphs, diagrams, continuity lines and much more. Everything can be customized to the topic of statistics or to the corporate identity of the author, and accompanied by interesting graphics features.

When can you use infographics?

Results of surveys, studies and polls.

Did your customers answer your poll? Let the results be handled in a way so that they would be surprised and excited.

Data and statistics processing

Do you celebrate the birthday of your web portal? Let's summarize everything important into a single image, which you can show off on social networks.

Creative annual report

How was your year? You have presented your results to your customers? What if you had presented them in an interesting and engaging way? Try to send them to us.

Special offer of services

Are you preparing a discount, a special event or anything else? Inform your customers in an original and striking way! Let's try to supplement it with the eye-catching data...

What is important when creating infographics?

Unification of graphic design

Infographics can be processed in many ways, one of which is its unification with the graphic design of your website or with your company's entire corporate identity.

Clear display of information

All data has to be processed so that it would make sense for readers and they would understand them quickly. This infographics must be creative, clear and engaging.

Creative and nifty concept

It's not math textbook; graphs, boring pies and lines are not enough. It is necessary to be creative, to be able to play and create engaging graphics, which would interest readers.

Appropriate use of texts

Infographics is also about the texts. There is usually not enough space, so it is necessary to write short, concise, and compelling texts, which would complement the graphic design.

Modern design

Our designers can create modern and eye-catching infographics. Of course, you can comment during the design development.

Appropriate promotion

We recommend publishing infographic at the right time and the right place. We can accomodate it during the design development and work according to your plan.

Examples of our work


What does interest you the most in creating infographics?

  1. How can I send you data for infographics? More

    Infographics can be processed from many data sources. Every company stores data in a different way, so our designers are used to working with many types of files and information sources. Most often, the information is provided in the tables in the form of numbers or percentages. Remember that our graphic designer doesn’t know your company and therefore it is good to complement each data with explanatory notes. It often happens that the data don’t include units or currency. Again, it is important to pay attention to details.

    You can send us data in essentially any format. Our graphic designer will look at it and will let you know if he has any additional questions or needs a more thorough elaboration. You can speak with our client support about the data transfer.

  2. What if I want to have my infographics graphically unified with my corporate identity? More

    You should notify us about this prior to the commencement of works on infographics. If your company has developed a comprehensive graphical manual, you will need to send it to us. The same applies to company logos. It must be sent in curves so it can be inserted in the highest possible quality. Infographics can be unified substantially with any other graphic element that is associated with your company or business. The main thing is not to forget to inform us.

  3. How much does infographics cost and what affects the price? More

    Our company creates infographics from several hundred crowns up to a cost of several thousands. Infographics price is determined individually based on an assessment of data sent, and their volume and complexity. It makes a huge difference whether the graphic designer is processing infographic with 10 figures and plain text or with several hundred data which has to be previously studied carefully. Work on infographics can often take several days, and this time is reflected in the final price.

    You do not have to worry that you wouldn’t know its price. It will of course be communicated before the commencement of work.

  4. Can you create more designs? More

    Our graphic designer creates one graphic design of infographics for the price. Of course there is no problem to make minor adjustments, but the basis of the proposal remains. It is therefore important as fully as possible to communicate your requirements and ideas before the commencement of work. If you want to create more proposals we would be happy to set the price individually.

  5. Should I send "wireframe"? More

    Sending a wireframe is not necessary, but we have already implemented jobs, where the client had so specific idea that he sent it as a wireframe. If you have a wireframe, our graphic designer will follow it if possible. All changes outside of proposal would obviously be consulted. Our graphic designers usually do not create wireframe with infographics, but it is possible to individually arrange this service.