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Graphics design for social networks

I want designConvincing graphics for your profiles on social networks is very important, but largely underestimated part of your corporate identity. It is what users see first when visiting your profile and deciding whether to follow you. It is therefore necessary to be able to attract them and to convey them the relevant information as soon as possible. You can do this by using engaging, thoughtful and impressive graphics not only on Facebook, but also on other social networks.

What can we design for you?

Opening and profile photo on Facebook

It's not just about images in the header, but also about what pictures you publish and what they're telling. We will help you to prepare images that your fans will share and comment on.

Header on Google Plus

Although less frequently used in the Czech Republic, Google Plus is still well-known social networking site, where you can also find your potential customers. How do you represent yourself there?

Background and avatar on Twitter

140 characters is not enough, you need to grab the attention with the whole profile. We will create an engaging and creative background profile and avatar, so that users will be captured and compelled to click on Follow.

Another graphic design for social networks

In the Czech Republic and in the world there are many social networking sites where your company can seek customers and communicate with them. Each company has different needs and we can help you. We can create:
  • status pictures,
  • adjust sent photographs,
  • create graphics for advertising campaigns,
  • We unify your corporate identity
  • We create eye-catching slogans,
  • design graphics for applications
  • design sharing buttons,
  • and much more...
I want design