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Order copyediting Does your site contain texts which neither you nor your client is satisfied with? Use our quality copyediting. Our specialized editors will edit your texts to make them more readable, grammatically correct, and promoting your business. We are able to create a unique style typical for your website or we can preserve the original spirit of your content. Copyediting can be used for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website or e-shop. Based on an analysis of keywords, we will edit your content to include keywords, while retaining a high stylistic and added value.

Use our copyediting when...

  • your content is already prepared, but you want it to be of a truly professional quality.
  • you are performing search engine optimization (SEO) and need to implement keywords
  • the content of your website was prepared by several authors with different styles and you need to unite them.

Don’t use copyediting when...

When should I order a copyediting?

You are not satisfied with the quality of your content

Do you have a website full of disparate texts, which do not have the juice and soul? Does it look like every text was written by someone else? Use our copyediting service and give your website a professional uniform style.

You need add keywords to your content

Implementation of keywords does not have to mean to write a completely new content. Our editors will sensitively incorporate the keywords into the existing content and save you the cost of rewriting the site completely.

You need any kind of editing of existing content

Not sure whether the quality of your content corresponds to your clients’ needs? Our editors will assess it and adjust your content to maximize sales and meet the set target.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Should I order proofreading, copyediting or directly new copy writing? More

    It always depends on the assessment and thorough review of the materials you sent us. Our customer support will assess the quality of your content and propose the best solution that will fit your goals and your budget.

  2. How long does copyediting take? More

    Our editors must familiarize themselves with your content and incorporate the requirements of your order. Implementation of keywords can be much more time consuming than simply editing style of content. Schedule of contract is always determined individually.

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