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Graphic design of business cards

Order There are cultures where the business card is often more important than the identity document. Business card actually becomes a certificate in business, which represents you, and it may be crucial for your potential partner or client. Carefully crafted, modern and original business card is a prerequisite and the first building block of a successful business. It should match your undertaking and complement your business corporate identity. Quality card won’t get lost among hundreds of another cards, and for that reason it is important to entrust its creation into the hands of professionals.

What is the outcome of our work?

The client gets a file ready for printing of business cards. Our graphic designer makes recommendations about the ideal size of a business card, suitable paper and other complementary printing services which will give our proposal maximum aesthetic quality.

What to remember when creating business cards?

Appropriate targeting

It may seem irrelevant, but particular business sectors have their own characteristics, which the card can be customized for.

Creative and nifty concept

Throw away your prejudiced ideas about how business card should look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to differentiate. There are no limits for unconventional ideas.

Modern design

Are you sure you want to represent yourself with a white paper with a casually printed text without any idea? Business card should match the time.

Clear display of information

The days when the business card contained only phone, name and address are already gone. We will select the appropriate information and adapt it to the format of a business card.

Avoiding futility

Even business card can sell and often it really sells. However, it is important to know who will be reading it and what is expected of it. Business card must be mainly factual.

Unification of graphic design

Represent yourself with unified corporate identity. Business card design should be aligned with your website and other graphical elements including your logo.