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We are iPartners!

We help our clients with their internet business. We create for them anything they need, from professional websites to content creation and its translation into foreign languages.

What can we do for you?


We create quality content, PR articles, press releases, web content, and much more.



We proofread your texts and remove from them all grammatical and stylistic errors and inconsistencies.



We translate your texts into several languages, we create a multilanguage website.



We create websites using several popular content management systems. We do small and also large projects.



Our graphic design is modern, useful and effective. We will create your design, logo, brochures or anything else.



The client is our partner, we advise him with his online business, consult and meet. We're partners!


Why are we doing all this?

We want simplify our clients’ work

We believe that to choose appropriate suppliers is very demanding and lengthy process, on top of that services provided on the Internet are often incomplete and unreliable, and therefore we choose only the best suppliers and continuously improve the quality of their work.

We want to improve the standard of the Czech market

It bothers us how Czech entrepreneurs and agencies approach their clients and offer them a poor service that they often even fail to deliver. We want to increase the credibility of online services and prove that they can be done professionally, honestly and fairly.

We are coming out of our own needs and interests

iPartner was established as a reaction to its founder dissatisfaction with the lack of quality suppliers. Even today we are dealing with this former need and we represent what he had missed then, solid supplier of high-quality services with a fair and open dealing.

How are we doing all this?

We select the best suppliers on the market, subject them to a rigorous entrance tests and continually review their work.
We constantly improve the quality of our team members’ services, we carry out random checks and consult their work.
We work with leading Czech consultants in online marketing and web site creation field, we ask, we advise and the valuable information are then passed on to the clients to whom we recommend those verified experts.

Why to cooperate with us?

We are professionals.

We select only the best and most trusted freelancers whose services we keep improving. We have been on the market for several years and we offer our clients everything what we have learned so far.

We are beneficial for your company

Be confident in person whose services you use. Get rid of the fear that your commissioned work won’t be delivered on time or that mutual communication will be suddenly interrupted. With us you can be sure, and we'll guarantee it. We create real added value for your business.

We are accommodating

Our prices are not high. They are competitive and are proportionate to the work involved. You pay only when you are absolutely satisfied with the outcome. If you order multiple jobs at once, we will offer you a volume discount. We appreciate our long-term clients and prepare for them the most favorable conditions.

We are your partners

We pride ourselves on a personalized approach to each our client. Our client support is there for you 24 hours a day and we are ready to inform you about our services or the status of your order at any time. You are not just a number to us, you are our business partner.

We are cost saving

Large agencies often let you pay for things not relevant to the work done. We do not have any unnecessary expenses, with us you won’t be paying for nice, but unnecessary secretaries or company cars. We do our best to reduce costs so we can keep our prices as low as possible. After the change of our legal form and the conversion into a limited liability company, our prices have not increased – they even decreased for selected services! We offer our clients an ever-increasing quality at the best price.

We are convinced about our qualities

Per year of existence IPartner has gained hundreds of clients who have written and called us to give us their apprehension on our work. We are confident that we can supply you with quality work at a reasonable price, with a guarantee of security and with effective communication. These are the benefits that are hard to find on the Czech and Slovak internet.